This Internet page does not allow you to order online.
Please download and/or print it and pursue the matter offline.


Booklets: $25 each, with $1 off for 3-9, and $2 off for 10-24. For 25 or more, ask.
Software: $18 each, same quantity discounts.
Payment is by PayPal or check. To use PayPal, email your order to Judy St. Clair at jastclair@pro-ns.net. You will receive a Request for Payment via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account.


$0 if mailed to the US by Media Mail.
$1 if mailed to the US by First Class Mail.
$3 if mailed  to the US by Priority Mail (total for 1, 2 or 3 booklets).
$9 if mailed internationally.
$1 if the software CD  is mailed to the US separately from a booklet.
$10 if we have to send you an invoice and wait to be paid.
$15 if you pay with a wire transfer (this is what our bank charges us), though an EFT may cost nothing.
We will ship overnight if requested. This may cost $15 to $20 to the US for one or a  few copies.
We do not offer the booklet in digital form though the software can be e-mailed if you're in a hurry.

Basically there is no handling charge. Shipping costs for multiple copies are added (in integer dollars) for what it costs over and above what it would cost to ship the order by Third Class Mail to US destinations.


This business is a retirement hobby run from my home. Typical turnaround time on orders and messages is one day. E-mail is read each morning except when we are away, which may be up to two weeks. I try to remember to leave an AWAY message on my e-mail. You may use this form to order, or simply provide the necessary information in an e-mail, fax or postal mail.  If you order by e-mail and are concerned about charge card security, simply spell out a few numbers or send it in two e-mails.

Booklet Quantity: ____ Price, each:  ___     Estimated Extra Shipping Cost: _____
Software Quantity: ___  Price, each: ___      Estimated Total Cost: _______
Visa or MasterCard Number: ___________________________________________________ Exp: _____/_____

Phone (Please):_______________________________
How did you hear of us?________________________

Send orders and
make checks payable to:
Straight Line Control, LLC
6326 4th Ave. South
Richfield, MN 55423, USA
Phone: 612-869-6814
Fax: 612-869-2761